At the HR Sources & Solutions Staffing Agency, our basic approach to people reflects our belief that each employee commands the full trust and respect of the Company and fellow employees. We believe that most people are concerned about personal dignity, family, security and community. Most people are willing to understand and work for the objectives of the Company as it understands and respects the individual's concerns. Our staffing agency emphasizes expectations, teamwork, employee involvement and mutual accountability for commitments. With this basic concept, we believe we can have the type of relationship that will lead to success, opportunities, and a stimulating work environment.


There’s more to a job seeker than a resume or a set of skills. We all bring a collection of skills, passions, and experiences to every new job. Whether you are looking for the next step in your career or a short-term job, HR SOURCES & SOLUTIONS staffing agency can connect you with a great career opportunity that’s just right for you.


Not seeing what you are looking for?  Never fear, this is only a small sampling of our open jobs!  Our available positions change every day, so many jobs never make it to the website.

CALL US, COME BY, OR PROVIDE US YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION TODAY TO GET STARTED!  We would love to help you find that perfect job today!


Designed for companies faced with the unique pressures of downsizing their organizations, HR SOURCES & SOLUTIONS staffing agency stands ready to assist transitional employees to make the move to new careers. You can trust that our staffing agency can assist your business.

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