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In this Top Jobs article we are focusing on one of the most popular and one of the most essential jobs in the manufacturing world–the assembler. This is one of the most common jobs as well. So, the daily functions of a warehouse relies heavily on an assembler. While the details of each assembler may vary depending on the environment, the general work is the same.


Generally, the responsibilities are exactly as it sounds. The assembler will fabricate and assemble parts, pieces, and products. Essentially they put things together. There is almost always some sort of sequential process that may use an array of tools and equipment. Since the work usually repetitive, it’s important to be accurate in each step. Making sure a high quality of each product or item is essential.

In addition, an assembler will follow technical instructions, interpret engineering blueprints and technical terms. They manage the inventory of parts. And they will use hand tools and mechanical equipment to produce structurally sound products.

Last, the assembler will inspect and identify product defects, record, and report any issues. And they complete the required quality and production forms. Often, they must also keep updated records of inventory and activity logs. So understanding and complying with company policies is very important.


Typically, this job is an entry level position. Yet, there are many in a manufacturing facility that have many years of experience. Since the assembler reads and reviews drawings, a basic understanding of following detailed instructions is essential. They work with their hands and are often required to lift up to 50 pounds. The job requires the ability to stand, bend, and perform repetitive motions for extended periods. 

They need to maintain a clean and safe work area. And they follow quality and safety standards and procedures. So, a high school diploma or equivalent is usually a must. One year or more experience is preferred. 

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