Our Candidates

Quality candidates for your project can be the difference between another employee and a solution with the right fit for you employment needs.

Our Candidates

HR Sources & Solutions conducts an extensive pre-qualification procedure for all candidates. There are definite guidelines we adhere to when choosing each candidate; by the time we recommend a candidate to our clients, each one has successfully survived a strenuous pre-screening process and their previous performances/references have been thoroughly evaluated.

Our Commitment

HR Sources & Solutions is a "people" business! We realize that the success of our business depends entirely on the product we sell. That product is our candidates and with that realization comes a commitment to our clients to offer only the most qualified.

The Right Fit

At HR Sources & Solutions we feel there is more involved in finding the right candidate for our clients than testing, referencing, and all other pre-screening process. We are also committed to finding the "right fit" for each client. We feel that the chemistry has to be as good as each candidate's qualifications. We assess the total fit before recommending any candidate thereby allowing us to deliver the most talented and giving our client the best return for their money.